Zoggs Goggles and Swimming Accessories

In 1994 Zoggs launched their first set of one-piece swimming goggles. In the years between then and now they've built on and perfected their original designs and are always coming up with new innovations to the benefit of swimmers everywhere. With 20 years experience under their belts their latest and greatest swim goggles are the world famous “Predator Flex” open water swimming goggles.

Their goggles are revered by swimmers and triathletes alike for their comfort and reliability.

Zoggs produce more than goggles, they have expanded their range to swim accessories which are made from top quality materials to ensure a long lasting durability that will see you through plenty of pool hours. Zoggs include a competitive selection of swimming caps, nose clips, ear plugs, fins and more.

Zoggs is available in

  • Central
  • Causeway Bay
  • Repulse Bay