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Here at Escapade, we want to help athletes reach their full potential by providing them with the best gear available. The brands that we carry and the staff at our stores are all available to help you achieve your performance goals.

Whether you are into rugby, triathlon, road or trail running, yoga, fitness, swimming, tennis, hockey or netball, we understand that you take your sport seriously and train hard to be the best that you can be. 



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  • John Chan
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador)

    “Training is never easy. After all, to change the composition of the human body requires work, but who’s to say it can’t be fun.”

  • Nicky Inge
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador)

    “Since I started training for obstacle races, Escapade has been my go-to store for equipment from compression gear to trail shoes. It’s like my version of a toy store! Thank you for your support Escapade.”

  • Kate Cheung
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador)

    “I was impressed by the performance of Brooks Adrenaline ASR10 GTX in my UTMB race. They’re light, comfortable, slip resistant and provide highstability.”

  • Scott Jurek
    (Ultramarathon Legend)

    “What a great shop! Running is alive and well here - Run STRONG!”

  • Dan Carter
    (Rugby Player All Blacks)

    “A cool store who take their sports seriously.”

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Isn’t it great to run with your run buddy with Brooks Running Ghost 11?

Available at @escapadesports physical stores & online store.
Shop now:

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Shop 2XU, Compressport Hong Kong, Orca discounted triathlon apparel now! Up to 50% off! Shop now!

Available at all Escapade Sports physical stores & online store.

Shop online:

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ESCAPADE Sports shared Lena Mama,運動女人40+'s post.

Thank you Lena Mama,運動女人40+ for introducing all the great stuff from ESCAPADE Sports

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比賽裝備篇,成日都好想同大家分享下😉。比賽成績好不好,我覺得裝備同補給都好重要💪。玩咗咁多比賽,能否做到好時間,每一個細節都需要注意😃。 剛完成了9小時馬來西亞的SPARTAN ULTRA BEAST 又好,小型山賽,兩日三賽都好☺。唔帶錢起身,有兩樣野,我都一定會帶定😅。 HAMMER ~ Perpetuem 比賽前飲一包,就可以提供身體穩定的能量⛽,我通常一早起身食了早餐後出發到比賽場地,起跑前會飲一包,再視乎路段長短,是否需要中途補GEL。不過人人身體能量儲存也不同,要試下先知自己可以維持幾耐⚡。我今次9小時的比賽,飲了兩包,開頭和中途站補給時各飲一包。當中都有補GEL,但無補實體食物。 通常爭時間和成績的話,吃實體食物,會用多少少時間。我每次比賽見到水站時,一般只係補水💦就即走。 HAMMER ~ Recoverite 比賽完後30分鐘內,馬上飲一包,第二日起身,身體基本上無咩肌肉酸痛😲,我介紹過比其他朋友飲,他們都有同樣評價👏👏。 這些是我個人感受分享💁‍♀,真的好用,價錢$30有找,試下無壞姐😉。而且所有成份是全天然,我每個月都會食好多,所以好小心選擇✌。 ULTRA SPIRE - 背包水袋 我喜歡呢個袋,前面用水樽,水站加水好快就走得,物料也是好輕。而且是綠色,次次比攝影師中槍📷時,相片份外出色🌈。 BROOKS跑鞋 他的跑鞋,實在有太多款,一次過好難講哂🤣,呢對我最鍾意的,色靚易襯衫,跑起上來又輕巧和舒適😇。 羊毛襪🧦 玩了9小時咁耐,隻襪裡面,又濕又多泥,我腳板同腳指,一個水泡仔都無😱。每次比賽和長課练習都必著👍,從未試過有水泡。雖然一對羊毛襪唔平🤑,但係比賽時無水泡,真係抵返哂。我呢對已經著了一年半,比賽了N次都未爛😳,只係鬆咗少少,算係咁啦😜。 **所有產品都可以在 ESCAPADE Sports 買到,也可到 Active Brands Asia Ltd 了解更多產品資料。 #fitnessgirl #fitnessmama #fitnessmom #fitmom #woman40 #obstacle_athletes #athlink #trailrun #SpartanUltra #SpartanUltraEliteWoman #UltraBeast #spartanMY #spartanHK #spartan #trailrunner #fitness #fit #sports #cardio #strong #motivation #determination #hkig #exercise #poweryourpassion #jaybirdrun #jaybird #activebrandsasia #hammernutritionhk #howihammer #ultraspirehk #brooksrunninghk Spartan Race Hong Kong Spartan Race Malaysia

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🏃‍♀Running in old or worn-out running shoes will increase the stress and impact on your legs and joints, which can cause overuse injuries. Some experts recommend that runners rotate two pairs of running shoes. If you get a new pair of running shoes about half-way through the life of your old ones, they can serve as a reference to help you notice when your old ones are ready to be replaced.

🎉Good news runners, our big sales start today! Enjoy up to 30% off on running shoes, like Brooks Running, ASICS, inov-8 All Terrain Running, Vibram at Escapade Sports now!

📍Available at Escapade Sports physical store & online store.
Shop online:

#EscapadeSports #YourRunningSpecialists
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This ASICS men GEL-Fastball has a lot of lateral stability so you can move quickly all around the court.

Shop now:

#EscapadeSports #YourSportsSpecialists

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Escapade Group has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small ‘Escapade Sports and Leisure’ shop at the Hong Kong Cricket Club in 2002. Since then, Escapade has grown into a multi-business company which is today known as the Escapade Group. The Group comprises two companies including retail business and wholesale business.

  • Retail business: Escapade Sports (three physical stores and an online shop)
  • Wholesale business Active Brands Asia Ltd.

For more details of our businesses, please visit our company websites.


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