Did you know?
What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis refers to a medical condition in which there is abnormal curving of the spine. On an X-ray film, the normal spine looks straight, but the scoliosis spine will look like a “C” or “S”.  


According to the statistics from the Department of Health in Hong Kong, every 1 in 10 school aged children is suffering from scoliosis. This is a serious matter and early detection is crucial in preventing further health problems.

How can you tell if a child has scoliosis?

Besides looking at X-rays, one can look at his or her posture in order to look for possible signs of scoliosis.

Signs that may indicate scoliosis are:

  • Head not centered to the body
  • Uneven shoulders (either one is in front of the other or one’s higher than the other)
  • Uneven shoulder blades: one is more prominent or higher
  • Uneven waist angle: the gap between arm to trunk is wider on one side
  • One hip is more prominent than the other or the hips are not leveled
  • The spine line is not straight

You can also perform a Forward Bend test to detect for possible scoliosis.

Have your child stand with arms extended and palms held together, then bend at the waist as if touching the toes. Examine the back from behind and look at the alignment of the spine.

  • Is there any abnormal curving of the spine?
  • Are the shoulder blades uneven? Is one more prominent or higher?
  • Is one side of the rib cage higher than the other?

A scoliosis home screening is one of the most effective ways to detect the condition early. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. If you spot any of the above warning signs, have your child’s posture examined by a Specialist.

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