The Ugly Truth about Christmas

The Ugly Truth about Christmas

Did you know that the average Christmas meal could contain a whopping 6,000 calories, equivalent to eating 12 Big Macs or 55 Kit Kats? Yes, you heard us. A slice of your favorite pecan pie or half a cup (4 oz.) of stuffing contains close to 500 calories and will take more than one hour of jogging to burn off. The combination of calorie-laden menu, sugary treats, booze and constant partying will wreak havoc on your waistline and health. The fact is, for many people Christmas is a time to celebrate and traditionally this is linked with food. Our brains are hard-wired to relate festivities with pigging out and indulging. We are all guilty of blaming our overeating habits on festivities…so, what can we do to ‘rescue’ ourselves in 2017?

Tips & Advice from Olivier Baillet, Head Coach of Beyond the Line Coaching:

Let’s admit it, we have overindulged during Thanksgiving and Christmas and your belly size seems to have doubled.

There is also good news though: one indulgence here and there will not make a huge difference, so no need to feel bad about it, otherwise you’ll just make it worse: you will be tempted to eat more chocolate to help you forget that you ate too much… vicious circle.

In diet and in fitness, it is continuity that counts, the everyday small efforts that make the difference, not the huge one-day hike or three-day juicing. So to get back into shape, you need to start a routine that you know you will be able to hold. Not a huge change in your life at first, just a first step, a step into the right direction. Bigger steps will come at a later stage.

Schedule a hike every weekend with motivated friends, with a leader who will make sure that the hike will happen no matter what. Sign-up for a run race and announce it loud on social media, so that you cannot bail nor fail. If you can afford it, buy a 10-session package with a personal trainer who will be on your back and force you to deliver during training. Signing up for a gym with no one to force you to go there is not enough for most people.

Meanwhile, try to organize your life in a better way. Cut on TV and social media time. With the time gained, walk more during the day, get off the MTR or taxi earlier and walk. You need to use these muscles of ours, and walking is the easiest and most effective way to open the path to a better quality of life. Also, spend more time at the groceries to make sure you buy healthy food and progressively replace unhealthy snacks with fruits and nuts.

You may not expect this one but: sleep more. Sleep is the most overlooked recovery tool you have at your disposal. Without proper recovery, with a typical HKG hectic life, you will always be tired and will never have the strength to start any sporting activity, your willpower will be weak and you will crave the wrong food, indulge in the wrong activities and lose the path to improvement.

Peer pressure from the right people can help but the resolutions have to be yours. Choose a reachable goal, start small, earn your first success, acknowledge it, gain confidence, improve your nutrition and sleep. You can do it. And do not torture yourself each time you ‘fail’; think positive!

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