Did you know?
Street Workout

Did you know:

… Street Workout promotes exercising anytime, anywhere with your own bodyweight.  It can be simple exercises such as push up, pull ups, squats, planks to all the spectacular moves people see on YouTube such as planches, levers, flags, 360 spins… There is always something for everyone!

… Street Workout Hong Kong runs annual competitions (e.g. World Cup Stage in Hong Kong), weekly classes and events (e.g. World Pull Up Day) for people of all ages and fitness level;

… Street Workout competitions falls into two categories, Freestyle, and Power & Strength;

… Street Workout is more than a sport and fitness routine, it is also a global social movement to provide a platform and opportunities for the younger generation to grow and create a brighter future, especially those who are financially and socially unprivileged;

… Hong Kong Champion Nicholas Wong, ranked 4th at the World Cup Super-Final in Beijing, and 16th World Championship in Moscow in 2016. He is also a sponsored brand ambassador, a Street Workout coach who train celebrities, and a higher diploma student who was awarded a government scholarship recently.  

… In 2014, Nicholas was out of school, jobless and spent his days playing online games at home. Street Workout turned his life upside down. He is one of the most successful cases under the Street Workout Hong Kong athlete development program, which focus heavily on the personal development of these young people.  

Street Workout Freestyle Competition in Hong Kong

World Pull Up Day

Performance at the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Peagent


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