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Pinnacle Performance

Pinnacle Performance (Causeway Bay) and Pinnacle BLACK (Central) are the premier facilities in Hong Kong for delivering Strength & Conditioning for performance, athletic, and recreational athletes alike. Our focus is on athletic development, and we follow a scientifically proven method that consistently yields results. Utilising our athletic profiling assessment system (PGR or Performance Global Rating) that allows us to quantify performance, we design individualised programs for every single member. As such, we're able to measure improvement as well as specifically target weaknesses. We also provide physiotherapy, nutritional advice, and Pinnacle eAt (our nutritional meal delivery company) in our efforts to become the leading athletic development facility everywhere we are.

We created Pinnacle BLACK with the intention of providing an additional tier of training called Pinnacle BLACK Tier. Individually tailored for every single BLACK Tier member, this is a fitness concierge option that allows you to enjoy unlimited personal training and gym access, in-house physiotherapy, Pinnacle eAt, and a full-time coach to lead you through training and nutrition throughout your membership.

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