Did you know that marathon running is a means empowering the underprivileged to tackle poverty that you can also take part in it?

While most running medalists are Kenyans, there are over thousands of Kenyan professional runners striving their best to achieving outstanding records without a pay check. They leave their farmland, get trained as hard as many of us working in the office from 9-6, or 7x24. However, they cannot afford to go for a race that can earn them a living, support their kids to schools, pay medical bills and improving the community's habitat.


Candice and Lukas created MIRARunners to  1/ help professionally trained Kenyan young runners building their career in marathon, 2/empower Kenyan professional runners to improve their habitats’ basic needs with their own effort, 3/encourage Hong Kong and city runners in Asia to explore the personal and social impacts in running.

How does MIRARunners work?

The first phase of MIRARunners will fund young runners in Kenya who have determined and been professionally trained on marathon but lack financial support to participate in oversea races and support the training fees of local Kenyan youth in marathon training. Currently all team members of MIRARunners in Kenya have been hand-picked by the founder, who are with outstanding performance and potential, as well as with good integrity. After these runners obtain prizes in the future races, they then become the source of financial support in their community.

On the other hand, nurturing young runners in Kenya is also one of the key objectives of MIRARunners. In reality professional runners who won championship overseas are not only prepared well in running performance but also how to interact professionally with stakeholders and set up long term life goal in order to continuously contribute their success to the community. Therefore, the youth training in MIRARunners is to nurture the youth with integrity and build their long term life goal for themselves, their families and for the community. There are 30 youths selected to be trained under MIRARunners by which training fees and essential equipment are to be supported.

Another co-founder of MIRARunners Lukas Wambua Muteti expresses his eagerness to share his professional advice to city road runners, “ Runners I met in Asia are passionate in running. We started at different points in life but our finishing line is the same, to overcome our limitations and live better. I hope with the platform that MIRARunners provides, I will be able to share the tips and training of professional runners. And more importantly to share the life stories of the passionate Kenyan young runners so as to channel the help to the local communities. This is the reason why we have this project in place.”

Experience the true values in sports by transforming lives of the diligent and talented professional runners in Kenyan and helping city runners ourselves on running techniques are the objective of MIRARunners.

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