Lupine Headlamps

The Piko TL Max
The Piko TL Max - the next generation of Lupine Lighting Systems. The ultra compact Piko TL series are self contained flashlight versions of their Piko headlamp. The entire unit (including battery) is small and compact yet spectacularly bright at 900 lumens! The slim, inconspicuous lamp fits discretely into your hand.

Piko 3
Piko 3 now delivers 900 lumens from a 55-gram lamp-head that mounts directly and securely to your vented helmet. The 125g hard-case 2.5 Amp-hour Li-ion battery can strap to the back of the helmet, or slip into your pocket with the included 120cm extension cable.

Wilma 6 - 2400 Lumen / 28W
With a measured light output of 2400 lumens and its light weight, Wilma is Lupine’s all-rounder.

Lupine is available in

  • Causeway Bay