Did you know?
Kate runs around the world and turns the scenary into paintings to raise for HK Cancer Fund

As a voluntary running coach for all abilities, I believe everybody has innate potential to make own self and others happy. Taking a 6 months break to run ultra trail marathon for over 100 miles each and draw a piece twice a week in Asia and Europe countries, I wish to raise funds for Cancer Fund by selling these drawings. Please support or just donate to help cancer patients.

My original plan is to run the trails in several Asian and European countries in six months from May to October. During the period, I will paint and post my drawings to HK cancer fund raising web page. Up to now I have achieved 97% of fund raising target.

A team of us four ranked the 2nd runner up in the 1st Korea 100km Oxfam Trail-walker in May.

Up-to- now, I ran and experienced the followings: 

  1. ran Ancient trail at Tai-Tung, Taiwan in June
  2. ran 5 stage mountain at Shanxi,  China in June
  3. graduated from 17 days Medical Thai Message certification at Wat-Po, Thailand in July
  4. ran Orobie trail at Bergamo, Italy in end of July
  5. ran P.O.T. at Ljubljana, Slovenia in August Please support with your generous donation or share on your social media network:

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