Here at Escapade, we want to help athletes reach their full potential by providing them with the best gear available. The brands that we carry and the staff at our stores are all available to help you achieve your performance goals.

Whether you do ultra marathons or triathlons, play rugby, tennis, hockey or netball, we understand that you take your sport seriously and train hard to be the best that you can be.

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  • Kate Cheung
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador)

    “I was impressed by the performance of Brooks Adrenaline ASR10 GTX in my UTMB race. They’re light, comfortable, slip resistant and provide highstability.”
  • Michal Bucek
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador, World Class Triathlete)

    “I couldn’t have achieved my results without Hammer Nutrition, Compressport and great Hilly socks which prevent blisters and many other products which have been supplied to me by Escapade.”
  • Olivier Baillet
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador, Triathlete)

    "I have been using Hammer Nutrition (especially Sustained Energy) since 2001 and Compressport since 2011. I am currently switching shoes from Newton to Brooks."

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Monday Wisdom: "“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi"

Check out these really cute tropical pieces!

Rumi Wise Tank in 'Midnight'
Rumi "Your Words" Sports bra, shorts &matching headband

*All available at the Pulse

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UltrAspire Velocity 越野跑比賽想要一個又輕又夠大容量的水揹, 最佳選擇,莫過於最新UltrApsire Velocity越野跑水揹,其具有7.75公升容量,足夠放置所有符合UTMB 及UTMF要求的物品,是平日越野跑練習或長途比賽之選 - 中間拉鏈設計,方便隨時提出所需用品 - 包括兩個550毫升UltraFlask軟水樽,甚至可外加2公升水袋於背包 - 採用Dual MAXO2 Sternum特別設計的胸口扣,彈性鈎繩調整鬆緊, 方便跑步時背包於身體上的彈性,令跑者跑得更舒適 - 水樽上有兩個小口袋可放置智能手機、軟糖或其他小物 - 使用MESH 物料,透氣易乾,不吸汗或吸水,令跑者跑得更輕盈暢快 建議零售價: HKD1,190 A dynamic new full-featured streamlined, fast and fun 7 liter capacity racing pack! With it’s universal fit, this pack functions well for a wide range of people with varying needs. Lightweight and compressible for the minimalist crowd yet still enough capacity for those events where more is needed. Sleek and colorful, red hits and roomy side pockets make the Velocity eye catching and unique. Includes two 550mL UltraFlask™ bottles. • 2.4 liter main compartment stows plenty of gear for racing and adventures. • Center zip outer pocket for easy access to cell phone or other essentials. • External access to hydration sleeve that holds a 2 L reservoir (not included). • Dual back elastic quick stash pockets accessible on the go. • Dual Max O2 Sternum™: A hook-type attachment system with enhanced recoil for better range of motion, and quick in and out. Breathe easy–adjust once and lock it down to eliminate further fuss even when taking off and on. • Two lower large front elastic mesh pockets hold two 550mL UltraFlask™ bottles (included). • One upper elastic mesh pocket with zipper for securing small essentials. • Upper open span mesh pocket on front shoulder strap with draw cord. Price: HKD1,190

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A first at the UTMB, ultra runner Gonzalo Calisto from Ecuador disqualified for positive result of an anti-doping test at the finish in Chamonix. He was ranked 5th at UTMB 2015 and has been asked by the organizer to restitute his finisher vest and trophy. We are now 5 weeks from UTMB 2016. Photo: Alexis GrandTrail

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***Newsworthy Updates***

MTR adds Sports Gear to list of 'Oversized' items!!

Hockey players, golfers and bikers will need to apply for permit when carrying oversized sports gear onto the MTR under the updated scheme.

The MTR's definition of ''Oversized" is: the longest side exceeds 145cm and total dimensions (length + width + height) exceeds 235cm (including the case or bag).

Read details here:

#escapadesports #yourgotosportsstore
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Escapade Group has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small ‘Escapade Sports and Leisure’ shop at the Hong Kong Cricket Club in 2002. Since then, Escapade has grown into a multi-business company which is today known as the Escapade Group. The Group comprises three companies including retail business, wholesale business and sports events management.

  • Retail business: Escapade Sports (four physical stores and an online shop)
  • Wholesale business: Active Brands Asia Ltd.
  • Sports events management: Revolution Asia Ltd.

For more details of our businesses, please visit our company websites.