Here at Escapade, we want to help athletes reach their full potential by providing them with the best gear available. The brands that we carry and the staff at our stores are all available to help you achieve your performance goals.

Whether you do ultra marathons or triathlons, play rugby, tennis, hockey or netball, we understand that you take your sport seriously and train hard to be the best that you can be.

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  • Kate Cheung
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador)

    “I was impressed by the performance of Brooks Adrenaline ASR10 GTX in my UTMB race. They’re light, comfortable, slip resistant and provide highstability.”
  • Michal Bucek
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador, World Class Triathlete)

    “I couldn’t have achieved my results without Hammer Nutrition, Compressport and great Hilly socks which prevent blisters and many other products which have been supplied to me by Escapade.”
  • Olivier Baillet
    (Escapade Brand Ambassador, Triathlete)

    "I have been using Hammer Nutrition (especially Sustained Energy) since 2001 and Compressport since 2011. I am currently switching shoes from Newton to Brooks."

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A new UltrAspire Lumen video, ‘ the main advantage of waist-mounted lights is that they provide improved depth perception by casting longer shadows over rocks or other obstacles in the trail, which can be the difference between cruising down gnarly trails and tripping and crashing in the late stages of a 100 milers!’ by Donald Buraglio on ultra running magazine review
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Let us light your way! UltrAspire UltraRunning Magazine Trail Runner magazine Runner's World

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Chuck HW KuongGot one earlier (lumen 600) and love it. Battery life not as long as advertised though. If you are planning a long night out better get a spare battery (which doesn't cost much and is just tad larget than a 2A battery). Sizing can be problematic at least for ladies or small built guys - the belt cannot be tightened to under 26 inches and this can be a dealbreaker.3 days ago   ·  1
Kelvin Kin Yu Wonghow much is it plz2 days ago

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Make this summer your best one ever!! We are super excited to sponsor The Great Escape Game at the Pulse! Gamers will receive a survival pack with Escapade Sports goodies. Register at the link below for a chance to win a fabulous vacation to Guam! For enrollemnt:

#EndlessSummer2016 #TheGreatEscape #thepulsehk #escapadesports #yourgotosportsstore the pulse SPIbelt Hammer Nutrition
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There's only one way to cool off in this HEAT...hit the BEACH with the family!

We've got the kids covered so parents can relax and chill!

Sea Folly Kids Pool Party Racer Tankini
Cancer Council Kids Sunscreen
Havaianas Flip Flops
Scrunch bucket
All available at the Pulse!

#escapadesports #endlesssummer #thepulse #yourgotoswimmingstore
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To receive a limited edition beach towel bag upon purchase of 2 pairs of Havaianas ! ( While stock last!!! ) ... See moreSee less

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Escapade Group has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small ‘Escapade Sports and Leisure’ shop at the Hong Kong Cricket Club in 2002. Since then, Escapade has grown into a multi-business company which is today known as the Escapade Group. The Group comprises three companies including retail business, wholesale business and sports events management.

  • Retail business: Escapade Sports (four physical stores and an online shop)
  • Wholesale business: Active Brands Asia Ltd.
  • Sports events management: Revolution Asia Ltd.

For more details of our businesses, please visit our company websites.