Friends of Escapade

Here is a list of people and companies we would like to recommend to our customers:


26 Coaching

A team of enthusiastic coaching team dedicated to provide the best Triathlon, Running and Cycling programmes in Hong Kong. Specializing in youth programme.



AIA Vitality

A science-backed wellness programme which redefines the traditional concept of insurance. It gives you the knowledge, tools and motivation to become healthier and then rewards you for the healthy choices you make. Escapade is proud to be a merchant partner with AIA Vitality.




Beyond the Line offers endurance coaching and consultation for anyone who wants to achieve their personal best and to maximize their full potential as an athlete. Head-coached by experienced triathlete, Olivier Baillet, Beyond the Line provides tailor-made training plans and specific guidance on all triathlon and endurance sports-related topics, as well as giving access to a team of motivated professionals with similar mindset, in the field of nutrition, mental training, osteopathy and strength training.




Life Solutions

Escapade Causeway Bay shop provides free filtered water sponsored by Life Solutions - specializes in the filtration and purification of water. We encourage everyone to bring their own bottles and fill up water at our shop.



Pinnacle Performance

Pinnacle Performance delivers athletic physical development to both sporting and recreational populations, as well as those who demand the best of themselves within the fitness environment. With gyms in Hong Kong and the Philippines focus on specialist/elite requirements, goals of individuals/groups, & encompasses general fitness demands.




As an eco-friendly company, we make every effort to reduce harm to our earth. With partnership with Recipio, we replace paper receipts to save on trees, oil and water resources, and work towards smart retail in Hong Kong.




Escapade is honored to support the the work of SPLASH, a non-profit organization which provides free swimming lessons for foreign domestic workers, by offering free swim caps and collecting second-hand or unused goggles. It is very inspiring to see so many kind individuals who offer their time and energy selflessly to help others.

Splash Facebook Page



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