Did you know?

Launched in March 2017, Trybe is Hong Kong's largest movement training space dedicated to adult gymnastics.

Shifting away from traditional fitness programs, Trybe’s daily classes in gymnastics, circus, dance, mobility, strength, and acrobatics are designed to inspire both kids and adults. How many places can you learn backflips, perfect your Olympic weightlifting, and finish the day learning creative ways to move and lift your partner? 

Trybe's professional instructors offer classes designed to challenge novice and seasoned gymnasts alike. Our highly progressive approach to teaching helps students relearn basic movement patterns and move from there, helping them take risk and eventually..take off in the air. While classes may be challenging at first, we help every student learn at their own pace in a highly encouraging atmosphere. 

The gymnastics program at Trybe are led by John Chan. From sports fields, to the track and in the gym, John is a competitive athlete, experienced coach and passionate student of movement. John started his fitness journey at a young age in the sports of gymnastics and competed in Hong Kong at the regional level for 4 years. He later moved on to the Rugby field while studying abroad in the UK and Australia, reaching the state level in Australia and playing for the Under 18 Hong Kong Team. This led him to weight training and eventually into his career as a Personal Trainer. After studying and experimenting with many facets of training he is most fascinated by calisthenics and bodyweight workouts, focusing on gymnastics as his main form of training and conditioning.

As both an athlete and trainer, John has a good understanding of the human body and movement. Whether the goal is to lose weight, gain size or learn a new skill, John breaks down training so his students are not only doing as told but becoming more knowledgeable. He believes that a strong individual is more than just muscle mass and true raw strength is obtained through stress challenging both the mind and the body. “Training is never easy. After all, to change the composition of the human body requires work, but who’s to say it can’t be fun.”