Compressport Triathlon & Compression Clothing

The COMPRESSPORT® range of compression clothing is currently one of the most sought after on the Triathlon.


If you’re looking for a shirt that is highly breathable, stays dry, doesn’t irritate or chafe and is comfortable to wear in any climate, then Compressport has what you need, and like all Compressport products it is designed, tested and manufactured to offer not only comfort but maximum performance.


The Triathlon Shorts from Compressport are seamless, ultra lightweight, breathable and designed to optimize postural alignment. They are comfortable when swimming, on the bike or during the run and are the only triathlon shorts with true compression properties.

There is also a range of other products which triathletes would need, such as timing chips, race belts, swim caps, calf-guards, arm sleeves etc.

Compressport is available in