Better Escapade

What is Better Escapade?

Better Escapade is an awareness campaign which demonstrates our commitment and dedication to becoming better ourselves, helping others becoming better and contributing towards a better society.


Better Escapade is borne out of the notion that athletes push themselves beyond their comfort zone in order to perform better in sports. Similarly, we at Escapade believe that we are capable of making organizational changes and compromises in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and to become better ourselves.

Our Mission

“To promote sports, healthy lifestyle, well-being and foster the development of athletic sports in Hong Kong”.

Our Vision

“To become the market leader in Hong Kong and Asia, to continue to exceed expectations and deliver value to our customers and partners”.

Our Initiatives & Commitment

Employee Welfare

  • We care about our employees' well-being and believe that a healthy body and mind will have a positive impact on employees' professional and personal lives.
  • We encourage and incentivize our employees to participate in sports races as well as the Escapade Friday Lunch run.
  • We are committed to providing a happy, healthy and safe environment in the workplace.
  • We provide our staff with group medical insurance
  • We comply strictly to HK employment ordinance

Employee Development Efforts

  • We offer free English lessons for non-English speakers
  • We help our staff achieve career advancement goals
  • We regularly enroll employees in public courses to help them develop strategic thinking, project management and other business skills
  • We are committed to developing a stable and rewarding career path for each of our staff

Escapade supports great cause & charitable events

Please visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page for further information.