Asics Triathlon Shoes

ASICS was founded in 1977 out of the Onitsuka brand which had been manufacturing sports foot wear in Japan since 1949. ASICS stands for “Anima Sana InCopore Sano” which is Latin for “A Sound Mind Is A Sound Body”.

Observing, studying and analyzing physical movements of human running mechanics lead ASICS to become one of the leading shoe providers in the world.

Straight from the athletes' mouths: ASICS shoes are what triathletes prefer to train in, and put their trust in on race day. They trust ASICS shoes to prepare them and help them achieve success. Shoes designed specifically for triathletes offer a big boost to their performance on race day, with special drainage systems to quick-lacing schemes, these tri-specific running shoes demonstrate the distinctive needs and wants of today's triathletes.

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